Introductory Hands-On Training

Introduction to Handgun, Shotgun, and/or Rifle

Embrace the world of firearms with confidence and knowledge through our Introduction to Handgun, Shotgun, and/or Rifle course. Designed with the new shooter in mind, this class provides you with the essential knowledge to start your journey as a responsible firearm handler. 

In this 2-hour course, we’ll cover the fundamentals of shooting, providing a sturdy foundation from which you can develop your skills. We emphasize not only the practical aspects of shooting but also the theoretical knowledge you need to handle firearms safely and efficiently.

You’ll learn the nomenclature of firearms, enabling you to identify and understand the function of various components. Additionally, we’ll guide you on how to identify the caliber of your firearm and select the correct ammunition, ensuring your firearm operates as intended.

The Introduction to Handgun, Shotgun, and/or Rifle course is more than a beginner’s guide to shooting; it’s your first step towards becoming a knowledgeable, competent, and safe firearm owner. Start your journey with us, and let’s explore the fascinating world of firearms together. Secure your spot today.

Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun Cleaning Clinics

Much like a well-maintained vehicle that’s ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice, a well-kept firearm is essential for reliability and efficiency. Our Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun Cleaning Clinics are designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain your firearms in top condition.

During this clinic, you’ll learn the crucial art of disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling your firearms, ensuring they are ready and reliable whenever you need them. Keeping your firearms clean not only enhances their functionality but also extends their lifespan, protecting your investment.

This course covers a variety of firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns, providing a comprehensive overview applicable to a wide range of weaponry. Regardless of the firearm type you own, you’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of how to keep it in optimal condition.

The Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun Cleaning Clinics offer more than just maintenance tips — they provide you with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your firearms are well cared for and ready to perform.

Don’t leave the health of your firearms to chance. Join our cleaning clinic today and become an informed, responsible firearm owner. Your journey to proper firearm maintenance starts here. Secure your spot today.

Hourly Firearms Training One-on-One

Perfect your marksmanship with our Hourly Firearms Training One-on-One. Designed for those who have a basic understanding of firearm handling, this session offers personalized instruction to help you hone your skills and proficiency.

Hosted at the Tenoroc Shooting Range in Lakeland, FL, this course provides an ideal setting to advance your shooting abilities under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Whether you’re a shooter seeking to refine your technique or someone looking to expand their firearm skills, this course offers targeted instruction that aligns with your objectives.

Please note that the course fee does not include range fees, targets, eye/ear protection, firearms, or ammunition. However, we offer a gun rental option, providing an opportunity to practice on various types of firearms if you wish.

Capitalizing on our Hourly Firearms Training One-on-One course, you can focus on your areas of improvement and refine your skills at your own pace. Elevate your firearm handling skills to the next level. Your journey to becoming a more skilled firearm handler starts here. Secure your spot today.

Gun-sense: A Hands-on Shooting Experience to Finding Your Perfect Fit

Discover your perfect match in the world of firearms with our unique Shooting Experience. This course is designed to help you explore a variety of firearms, enabling you to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Oftentimes, impulsive purchases can leave us with a firearm that isn’t quite the right fit, creating an unnecessary expense and disappointment. The Shooting Experience aims to prevent this by providing a hands-on experience with different makes, models, and calibers of firearms.

Whether it’s the feel of the grip, the recoil, or the overall handling, each firearm has its own unique characteristics. By shooting a range of firearms, you’ll be able to find the one that feels right in your hands, aligns with your shooting style, and meets your specific needs.

Please note, the prerequisite for this course is our Introduction to Handguns, ensuring you have a solid foundation to handle various firearms safely and responsibly.

The Shooting Experience is not just a course — it’s a journey to find the firearm that complements you perfectly. Save money, time, and disappointment by making the right choice the first time. Your journey to find the perfect firearm starts here. Secure your spot today.