Defensive Training

Home Defense & Tactical Considerations

Your home is more than just a dwelling; it’s a haven for you and your loved ones. Learning how to safeguard it is a valuable investment. Our ‘Home Defense & Tactical Considerations’ course provides you with crucial knowledge on fortifying your home, turning it into a formidable defense against potential threats.

Throughout this 2-hour course, you will gain insights on ‘hardening the target’ — a proactive approach to deter intruders using strategic environmental design and crime prevention techniques. This course provides practical, easy-to-implement advice that can significantly enhance your home’s security.

Our expert instructors delve into the topic of home defense weapons, explaining the various options available and helping you determine what’s best for your unique situation. We also discuss the importance of appropriate lighting, the role it plays in home defense, and how to maximize its effectiveness.

This comprehensive course covers an array of home defense strategies, offering a holistic view on home safety. Don’t leave the safety of your home to chance — equip yourself with the knowledge and tactics to protect what matters most. Secure your spot in our Home Defense & Tactical Considerations course today. Your journey to a safer, more secure home starts here.

Drawing from Holster or Concealment

Perfect the art of swiftly and safely drawing a firearm from a holster or concealment with our immersive simulation course. Our Drawing from Holster or Concealment course is designed to train you to respond rapidly and effectively to a perceived threat without using live ammunition.

Using our state-of-the-art simulator, we’ll guide you through the process of drawing a firearm from the initial recognition of a threat to the proper and safe engagement of a target. Our experienced instructors provide hands-on guidance to ensure you understand and practice the correct techniques in a controlled and safe environment.

This course emphasizes safety protocols to prevent accidental discharges or injuries during the drawing process. We train you to smoothly transition from a state of concealment or holstering to being ready to engage a threat, always prioritizing safety and accuracy.

Drawing from Holster or Concealment is more than a course—it’s a commitment to safety, readiness, and responsible firearm handling, achieved in a realistic, yet safe, simulator environment. Join us and master the skills that can enhance your preparedness and safety. Start your journey towards proficient and safe firearm use today. Secure your spot now.

Simunition training; force on target and force on force

Our Simunition Training is a powerful tool for developing your shooting acuity and tactical instincts, accommodating all levels of expertise. The training is divided into two main modules:

The Force On Target training hones your precision and agility as you learn to shoot on the move, swiftly draw your weapon, and engage targets with both speed and accuracy, simulating real-life, high-stress situations.

On the other hand, our Force On Force training propels you into an immersive experience with scenario-based training. Here, you will come across a “subject” and it becomes your responsibility to determine the best course of action: avoidance, escape, de-escalation, or engagement. Utilizing non-lethal Simunition color marking rounds of ammo and a converted Glock 9mm, you will get as close to real-world experiences as safely possible.

Note that this course does NOT include live fire training. Before and after each scenario, a comprehensive briefing and debriefing session is conducted to ensure you get the most out of each exercise and continuously improve your approach to potential real-life situations.

Embrace the challenge and take a major step in your safety journey with our Simunition Training. Sign up today!